Lawrence Jones | Investment Advisor | Crosby Investment Group

Lawrence Jones

Investment Advisor / CO Life Insurance Agent

I’ve spent over 40 years in the financial services industry, and have found helping people realize dreams, and reach financial independence extremely satisfying. The industry has changed tremendously since the 1970’s and regardless of the many new ways developed to access investment products, structuring a long-term financial plan requires organization, understanding, patience, and discipline. It is very gratifying to help people develop these attributes and reach a comfortable financial future an a less stressful life.

I began my career specializing in option trading when Bache & Co in Denver. My wife, Gayle and I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren, and are fortunate enough to have 9 of the 10 near us in Denver. We very much look forward to busy weekends of recitals, games, and matches and try when possible, to take full advantage of all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.