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Small Business 401(k)

Having the right 401(k) plan can give your business an advantage in a competitive job market and take care of your employees. Business Owners often believe it's too costly or time-consuming but it doesn't have to be and there are significant advantages.

Let Crosby Investment Group set up a 401(k) plan for your employees that is straightforward, manageable and affordable. Helping guide you to Financial Freedom.



  • Tax advantages available as an Employer offering the plan.
  • Attract the right people for your company.
  • Retain valuable employees.

Retirement for Business Owners

Small-business owners often spend so much time and energy building their company that they neglect their personal financial future. As a business owner, you face unique challenges and opportunities when building a financial future. To find out 5 Retirement Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make and Strategies to Address them download our free e-book here 5 Retirement Mistakes Small Business Owners Make